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    Award Winners and Runners-up of the Intec 2019 award

    Intec-Award for companies with less than 100 employees

    Award winner


    Metrom Mechatronische Maschinen GmbH
    Additives + Subtractive production of plastic components in high-speed process

    Metrom Mechatronische Maschinen GmbH from Hartmannsdorf was awarded 1st place in the INTEC Prize 2019 for companies with up to 100 employees for its innovative and future-oriented solution for the "Additives and Subtractive Manufacturing of Plastic Components in High-Speed Processes". On a 5-axis parallel kinematics machine manufactured by METROM, a novel additive manufacturing of plastic parts was developed by combining a 3D printing process with subsequent surface treatment in a single clamping operation. This innovation is based on an extrusion-based plasticising unit for processing standard plastic granules in combination with a Pentapod 5-axis parallel kinematics system. This solution is important for the further development of additive processes for the effective production of complicated workpieces.

    2nd position


    SPRING Technologies GmbH
    Intelligent CNC manufacturing with NCSIMUL (NCSIMUL 2018)

    SPRING Technologies GmbH from Wetzlar received 2nd place in the category "Companies with up to 100 employees" with its advanced software NCSIMUL. The 2018 release integrates virtual machine models - so-called "digital twins" - into a virtual machine park and thus meets the increasing demand for industry 4.0 solutions at a very central starting point. As a result, not only does productivity increase, there is also greater manufacturing flexibility, optimised plant uptime and increased production responsiveness.

    3rd position


    CAD/CAM Systeme Datentechnik Reitz GmbH & Co. KG
    3D-printing and milling robot CENTRUM

    Reitz GmbH & Co.KG from Breidenstein took 3rd place in the INTEC Prize 2019 for companies with up to 100 employees for their additive process that uses 3D printing in combination with a milling process for use in industrial robots. The Centrum 3D product developed for this purpose enables industrial robots to constantly switch between additive and subtractive manufacturing processes without having to change tools. This means that complex plastic parts can be manufactured effectively with high precision, surface quality and with only one clamping. The process enables precise fits and shape elements such as threads to be incorporated into printed parts through milling processes and is a contribution to automation and increased efficiency in the manufacture of complex and highly precise workpieces.



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