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    Press release from 12/3/18 | Intec, Z

    Conference programme of the trade fair duo Intec and Z 2019: Innovative solutions for the challenges of the future

    When Leipziger Messe opens its doors to Intec and Z 2019 from February 5 to 8, visitors should not only expect an extensive range of exhibitors from the metal working and subcontracting industries. The accompanying, practice-oriented conference programme of the trade fair combination will also be an opportunity to exchange views on the industry's top topics.

    "The industry in the European Economic Area is facing major challenges: Ensuring competitiveness, growing customer demands, increasingly scarce skilled workers and digitalisation strategies for production. Even if the current economy is running at full speed, it is still important to develop sustainable concepts now," says Kersten Bunke, Project Director of Intec and Z. "The trade fair's conference programme offers many opportunities to find out about future issues and to find inspiration for solutions to the challenges ahead."

    “Additive + Hybrid”: Connection between two worlds

    For Intec and Z 2019, the newly-designed special exhibit with integrated specialist forum "Additive + Hybrid - New Production Technologies in Use" will present applications as well as trends for intelligent process combinations and illustrate how the limits of conventional practices can be overcome by combining classic production processes with innovative technologies. Exhibits and application examples will be presented in a special area. Throughout the trade fairs, the specialist forum will provide an insight into the current state of the art and offer examples of solutions already used in practice, including options for function integration and advantages through multi-material production.

    On the way to an intelligent product thanks to sensor technology

    A new special exhibit at Intec and Z 2019 is dedicated to the topic of sensor technology. Modern industry is heading towards a new generation of intelligent, networked systems - both in production and in products themselves. Sensors play a key role here. The special exhibit entitled “Sensor Technology - En Route to an Intelligent Product. Solutions, Potential and Trends.” focuses on application benefits and challenges - including best practice examples. The accompanying specialist forum will focus on the potential of sensor technology, system integration and the flood of data to be handled. Leipziger Messe is organising the special exhibit and specialist forum in cooperation with the network of automotive suppliers (AMZ) Saxony.

    Specialist forum new mobility: new vehicle propulsion systems - challenges and opportunities for manufacturing technology and the supply industry

    New propulsion concepts in vehicle construction are a topic that mechanical engineers and suppliers have to deal with more intensively. "The development will influence conventional production processes and manufacturing technology. This is why it is important for us to host the specialist forum new mobility for the first time during Intec and Z," says Dr. Deliane Träber, Executive Director of Leipziger Messe. "The event provides a platform for reflection and discussion on the challenges and opportunities for manufacturing technology and the supply industry that new vehicle engines bring with them.” The Drive Technology Association of the Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA), for example, will report on the effects of electrifying the drive train of vehicles on mechanical and plant engineering. A panel discussion will round off the forum, which Leipziger Messe and the Automotive Cluster Ostdeutschland are organising on February 7.

    Smart production, increasing resource efficiency

    For the sixth time, the congress "Resource-efficient Production" will take place as part of the trade fair combination. The congress on February 6 will be held under the motto "Smart Production. Scenarios. Solutions. Benefit" and will show how new developments in digitalisation contribute to saving resources and increasing the efficiency of production. The speakers will present the latest methods and practical application examples from everyday production. The focus is on the networking of information - because this allows previously hidden connections and optimisation potentials in complex processes to be recognised and utilised.

    Focus on success factors of Hidden Champions

    Hidden Champions set benchmarks for competitors, customers and suppliers. In order to provide a deeper insight into the success factors of these companies, the Saxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport is organising the international conference "Industry's Hidden Champions - Tracks to Market Leadership" on February 5. Different ways to market leadership will be demonstrated using selected best practices, interactive master classes and inspiring key note addresses. Participants will receive practical recommendations for strategy development.

    Value creation through international cooperation

    International economic cooperations are a trademark of the Leipzig trade fair duo and an important instrument for securing competitiveness, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. Numerous visitors and exhibitor delegations from Russia and other CIS states have also announced their presence at Intec and Z 2019. To mark the occasion, the Saxony Economic Development Corporation (WFS – Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen) is organising the "International Cooperation Forum Russia/CIS" on February 5. During the event, Georgij Samodurov, President of the Association of Machine-tool Producers “Stankoinstrument”, for example, will present the development prospects in Russian machine tool manufacturing. On February 6 the WFS will host the "XIII Polish-Saxon Economic Forum 2019" and on February 7 the "State Meeting 4.0 - Saxony-Poland-Czech Republic-Romania". The "CONTACT Business Meetings" of the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce on February 6 have also traditionally promoted cross-border cooperation relations. The common goal of all these meetings is to initiate the first contact between companies looking for national and international suppliers and cooperation partners.

    Exhibitor forum in the middle of the trade fair, Lean Factory Learning Factory

    The forums in the exhibition halls offer a wide range. In Hall 2, for example, the exhibitor forum with its interesting events will be the centre of attraction. On February 6, renowned companies and research institutions such as the Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology (IWS) Dresden and Paul Horn GmbH will present their innovations and their developments in new products and technologies at the forum "Coating and Surface Technology for Tools". In the afternoon, the “BME Buyer's Day” will follow. One day later, the event “Automation in Production” will be held. In Hall 4, visitors can experience live demonstrations of lean manufacturing on all four days of the trade fair at the Lean Factory Learning Factory. Various products will be manufactured live on a mixed-model assembly line.

    Young professionals meet industry

    Attracting young talent will also be a topic at Intec and Z in 2019: On February 8, the “Specialists' Day - Young Professionals Meet Industry” ("Fachkräftetag - Branchennachwuchs trifft Industrie") with a lecture programme and job exchange is being organised by the Mechanical Engineering Network Saxony VEMASinnovativ, Saxony Industry Association (Industrieverein Sachsen) and Leipziger Messe. The lecture programme and the job exchange are aimed specifically at students and trainees with (engineering) technical backgrounds.


    Pre-accreditation for Intec and Z 2019 is now possible online at www.messe-intec.com/press/press-service/accreditation and www.subcontractingfair.com/press/press-service/accreditation respectively. In addition, you can now find out about a selection of the products presented at Intec and Z 2019 in the exhibitor press boxes at www.messe-intec.com/press/press-releases/exhibitors-pressboxes and www.subcontractingfair.com/press/press-releases/exhibitors-press-boxes respectively.

    About Intec and Z

    The trade fair combination Intec and Z will take place in 2019 from February 5 to 8 at Leipziger Messe. In odd-numbered years, the Intec is the first important industry venue for the metal processing industry in Europe. Its core areas include machine tools, systems for automated manufacturing as well as precision tools. The Z is one of the leading international supplier trade fairs in Europe. Its product range – e.g., semi-finished products, parts, components and industrial services – is geared primarily to customers from the machinery and plant construction, tool construction and vehicle industry.

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