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    Product profile

    Innovation - technology - production

    The Intec provides a comprehensive and representative overview of the entire spectrum of the manufacturing, tool and special-purpose machinery construction sectors.

    A Machine Tools

    • Cutting machine tools
    • Forming machine tools
    • Erosion machine tools
    • Machine tools for special applications
    • Accessories and ancillary equipment of machine tools

    B Other machines and systems

    • Machines and devices for welding, cutting and soldering
    • Machines, devices and systems for surface technology
    • Laser systems for material processing
    • Addtive manufacturing
    • Industrial labelling products
    • Metering systems
    • Thermal process engineering
    • Compressors, vacuum pumps, compressed air devices
    • Fluid power technology

    C Special engineering, products related to mechanical engineering

    • Special-purpose machines
    • Machines and equipment for the processing of composite materials
    • Special apparatuses for machinery and plant construction
    • Semi-finished and special parts for the machines and plant
    • Plant design and project planning
    • Retrofitting and rebuilding

    D Machine components and accessories, parts, assemblies

    • Drive technology
    • Electrical and electronic equipment
    • Controller and control systems
    • Sensor engineering
    • Operation and monitoring of machinery
    • Machine parts
    • Materials, substances
    • Accessories for machines and apparatuses
    • Coolant, lubricant and disposal systems
    • Protective and safety devices
    • Shop supplies, operating equipment

    E Tools, appliances, chucking devices

    • Dies and moulds
    • Precision tools
    • Hand tools
    • Appliances
    • Workpiece-specific equipment and systems
    • Tool systems

    F Automated production and robotics

    • Materials handling technology
    • Assembly technology
    • Industrial robots
    • Process and production control equipment
    • Basic systems and development tools
    • Peripheral equipment
    • Systems technology for flexible automated production
    • Software for design, production planning and process control
    • Machine software
    • Corporate software

    G Measurement engineering and
    quality assurance

    • Structural components for measuring and testing equipment
    • Measuring devices, gauges and precision instruments
    • Measuring machines
    • Test, analysis technology
    • Industrial imaging
    • Software, quality assurance
    • Special measurement equipment
    • Material testing machines and tools

    H Production technology for systems generating power on the basis of renewable energy sources

    • Production technology for photovoltaic systems
    • Production technology and equipment for wind energy plants

    I Storage and materials handling technology

    • In-house transport
    • Hoisting equipment and feeding technology
    • Storage technology
    • Conveyor systems
    • Palletizing technology
    • Automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS)
    • Accessories and parts for materials handling equipment

    J Research institutes, universities and colleges

    • Research programmes and results
    • Training and study programmes
    • Continuous professional development / qualifications
    • Technology and know-how transfer

    K Services

    • IT services
    • Engineering, technical services
    • Maintaining and repairing machines
    • Contract manufacturing
    • Material protection and packaging / surface protection
    • Modelmaking, prototyping and small batches
    • Assembly services
    • General services
    • Machine tools agencies, sales and services
    • Office and information technology



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