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    Dates for Intec

    Mark them in your calendar today

    Take note of the key dates of the Intec that are important for you. Stay informed and keep an overview of all events.

    Overview of deadlines for exhibitors (53.1 kB)button image

    Business hours for exhibitors

    daily 8.00 am to 6.00 pm

    Business hours for visitors

    Tuesday – Thursday: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
    Friday: 9.00 am to 4.00 pm

    Stand construction

    Monday, 28 January 2019, starting 7 a.m. machine delivery
    This date is designated exclusively for delivery of exhibits (machinery, etc.). Please coordinate the scope and times of delivery of your transport, etc., with the trade fair forwarding agent at least 3 weeks before delivery.

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019, 7 a.m. to Monday, 4 February 2019, 4 p.m. (non-stop)

    Stand disassembly

    Friday, 8 February 2019, 4 p.m. to Tuesday, 12 February 2019, 6 p.m. (non-stop)


    Phone: +49 341 678-8218


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